About Us


We were started in 1976, as Cascade Nordic Ski Patrol, by a group of cross country skiers, who along with the U.S. Forest Service, became concerned about the explosive growth of winter backcountry travelers with little or no experience. Patrolling was conducted out of the back of members’ cars on Snoqualmie Pass and coordinated with the pass Snow Ranger. The number of members has varied between 10 and 50 and is currently about 30. Many former patrollers have gone on to form other patrols, or become involved in teaching in other organizations such as Ski For All.

Board Members

Patrol Director – Scott Waller

 Assistant Patrol Director – Andy Hill

Treasurer/Registrar – Brannely Turpen

Avalanche Advisor – Matt Henry

Candidate Advisor – Steven Sherotsky

OEC Advisor – Jake Apple


  • 1976 – Cascade Nordic Ski Patrol (CNSP) founded.
  • 1984 – Became the nordic patrol for Pacific West (Hyak), in addition to patrolling for USFS in Snoqualmie & Stevens Passes
  • 1988 – Withdrew from Pacific West, due to declining membership and increasing coverage needs by Pac West. Continued to provide scheduled support to Pac West/Hyak as guest patrollers through 1998. Former CNSP members became the original nordic patrollers for Ski Acres Ski Patrol.
  • 1999 – Established agreement with USFS Okanagan District to patrol the North Cascades/Washington Pass area after seasonal opening of the No. Cascades highway, approximately May – June.
  • 2000 – Selected as Region & Division Outstanding Nordic Patrol; won Region award for outstanding training; awarded Unit Citation by NSP for life saving attempt
  • 2001 – CNSP honored by NSP as runner-up in its annual Outstanding Nordic Patrol selection process
  • 2005 – Changed name to Cascade Backcountry Ski Patrol to better reflect the nature of our activity and commitment.

Experience and recognition
Currently, four of our eighty members hold National Appointments, one member serves as the Region’s Mountain Travel & Rescue Advisor and one the Division Avalanche advisor. In 1996 one of our members received the Silver Star award from NSP, as the national runner-up in the Nordic of the Year selection process, and another member received the same award this year. For the past 3 years one member was selected as the Region’s Outstanding Avalanche Instructor, and this year, another was selected as the Divisions Outstanding MT&R Instructor.In the last 5 years out members have won National NSP recondition, receiving a Yellow star for outstanding MTR instructor and also a Gold star for National Nordic Patroller of the year in 2015.

Additionally, about 20 of our members belong to the Ski Patrol Rescue Team (SPART), which provides year-around support to the King County Sheriffs Department through the King County Search and Rescue Association.

Our patrol was recognized in 2000 as the Region & Division Outstanding Nordic Patrol, won the Region award for outstanding training, was awarded a Unit Citation by NSP for a life saving attempt, and in 2001 was honored by NSP as runner-up in its annual Outstanding Nordic Patrol selection process.

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