Recording and Exporting GPX Tracks for Trip Reports

There are too many smartphone mapping applications to comprehensively list here but a couple favorites are Gaia and Ski Tracks. Most are available for both Android and iPhone. Each one should offer similar export functions so these instructions should be adaptable to whatever you choose.

Cloud storage is a very convenient way to archive and move files around among phone, web or PC and there are all kinds of cloud storage connectors you can install to facilitate this with iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Drop Box, etc.

Assuming you have a mapping app and cloud connector app installed and know generally how to use them, here are steps to move it from your app to cloud to trip report :
  1. Finish recording your track, give it a useful name and save it
  2. Locate the menu or button in your mapping app to export your track in GPX format (do not select KML)
  3. When you choose export, a list of locations that may include social media, your local phone storage as well as installed cloud connectors will be available
  4. Choose your cloud storage and browse to a preferred folder within if you like
Now your cloud connector should be available to your smartphone browser when you choose to upload a file to a web form such as our CBSP trip report form. Alternatively you can install Google Drive on your PC and create copies of all your cloud files or just specific folders like one containing your GPS tracks.
  1. Download a connector app (e.g. Google Drive:
  2. Install the app and select the folders on your PC you want to be copied to the cloud (careful with this because you have limited storage both in the cloud and on your PC–lots of photos, for example, can fill one or the other quickly)
  3. Be sure to select the folder where you store your GPX tracks to be synced between your devices and the cloud
Now synced folders will be copied between the cloud and you PC (and other devices, if you choose to install/configure) continuously. Moreover, you can now login to¬†and browse your local PC’s cloud connector folder from the trip report page to upload your track. And once you have the GPX file uploaded, it can be downloaded from the trip report summary by others to use for future trips.